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Getting Lethal Weapon working in DOSBox

I have a problem with the Lethal Weapon DOS game. Each version of the game, including the original one I own, does not go further from the intro screen. The intro just repeats itself and it doesn't respond to any keypresses from the keyboard. What is the problem with the game? Is it just badly coded …

Re: Forgot name for a vertical shooting game

in Milliways
Ok, I had forgot quite much about this game. Finally found the name of the game: SideLine It wasn't vertical scrolling, but horizontal and can be downloaded here: http://sideline.ghegs.com/ http://sideline.ghegs.com/img/sideline01.png http://sideline.ghegs.com/img/sideline02.png http://sideline. …

Forgot name for a vertical shooting game

in Milliways
There is a vertical shooting game for DOS which is similar to e.g. Raiden, Raptor and Tyrian games. I think it is currently released freeware if I remember correctly but I have lost the name of the game. It was probably made by some Japanese company in the 1990s and it was available for download as …

How do I use MS-DOS DEBUG to patch EXE file?

in Milliways
I got some old computer programs I need to patch and I would like to do it using the DEBUG program which ships with MS-DOS. I know the bytes which to change in EXE files and have tested it using HEX editor. Now I need to make a BAT file that patches the EXE file, but I can't find any examples on the …

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