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Re: Forgot name for a vertical shooting game

in Milliways
Ok, I had forgot quite much about this game. Finally found the name of the game: SideLine It wasn't vertical scrolling, but horizontal and can be downloaded here: http://sideline.ghegs.com/ http://sideline.ghegs.com/img/sideline01.png http://sideline.ghegs.com/img/sideline02.png http://sideline. …

Forgot name for a vertical shooting game

in Milliways
There is a vertical shooting game for DOS which is similar to e.g. Raiden, Raptor and Tyrian games. I think it is currently released freeware if I remember correctly but I have lost the name of the game. It was probably made by some Japanese company in the 1990s and it was available for download as …

How do I use MS-DOS DEBUG to patch EXE file?

in Milliways
I got some old computer programs I need to patch and I would like to do it using the DEBUG program which ships with MS-DOS. I know the bytes which to change in EXE files and have tested it using HEX editor. Now I need to make a BAT file that patches the EXE file, but I can't find any examples on the …

I need a scan of the AdLib logo

in Milliways
Do anyone here have original box of AdLib sound card or any other material with a good quality logo + text printed? I would need a high DPI scan (600-1200 dpi) of it if anyone could make a scan of it. TIFF format would be good. Similar to this one including the (R). http://www.vgmpf.com/Wiki/images …

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