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Re: PCem v17

Bruninho wrote on 2021-11-26, 19:08: As for your unecessary and disrespectful commentary towards Apple/Mac, I won't give any attention. I am not that kind of fanboy Bruninho wrote: Except it does not run on mac or linux, only crapindows *cough*

Re: PCem alternatives / forks?

in PC Emulation
I guess the only active? fork is 86box, but keep in mind that it was a result of some kind of disagreement from the direction PCem had and the vision that 86box was based. So expect a fork that is not true to the original, although it has some capabilities that PCem lacks. (OTOH another emulator …

PCem alternatives / forks?

in PC Emulation
I have never paid attention to forks of PCem and would always stick to the original in spite of purported improvements, extra features or whatever. However given it seems development of PCem is not going to resume for the foreseeable future, I am now wondering about other options while hopefully …

Re: PCem v17

SarahWalker wrote on 2021-07-01, 09:44: PCem has now been taken over by a new maintainer. I'll let them step up and announce more concrete details when they're ready. wondering if the above is still happening. cheers, r.

Re: What is the best C64 Emulator

in PC Emulation
why isn't anyone mentioning the TV CRT filter that CCS features? It's, hands down, the thing that matches the most closely the real experience as I remember it, complete with signal noise, phosphor bleeding etc. It's a little hidden, it only shows up when changing resolutions, and only with …

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