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Re: GPU for Coppermine 800/256/100

BeginnerGuy wrote: I've been playing Diablo 2 on it (which unfortunately requires XP now for the latest online patch) Same problem with my AMD K6-2 550AGR + 3Dfx Voodoo 3 2000 AGP. You must use an old patch! 😉 I used 113d: Problem solved!

Re: Best Drivers for GeForce4 MX-440

Does it make them a bad card? At the moment, in our days, it's a good choice because GeForce 440/460 ( avoid 420 or 440 64 bit variants ) are a little bit faster than GeForce 2 TI/Ultra. They are more common and cheap. But there is no point thinking that the GeForce 4 MX cards will compare to any …

Re: Best Drivers for GeForce4 MX-440

What did you mean when you say "fake" mx440 cards? Please elaborate. If you are talking about this: To say the truth, GF4 MX440 is from 2002 and they are more than good enough for anything till (and including) 2000-2001, which is marking the end of W9x era for most people, anyways. For W9x, this …

Re: GeForce2 vs GeForce3: My test results

Sorry phil, i really like your bench/test but this time your results are ‎fictitious... ForceWare 71.89 are too new. From my experience 5x.xx series and up performs really bad with dx7/8.0 engine and lower. In particular with these two GeForce and games. Imho this is only my opinion but if i were …

Re: Sound Cards Advice

Really nice haul! Covers a lot of eras. However, to get an advice, you'd need to be more specific: 1) what kind of a machine do you want to build? 2) what era of games you want to play? 3) what kind of music do you like in games? Basically, when it comes to music in DOS games, there are three main …

Sound Cards Advice

Hi guys, I'm Stermy57@Claudio from Italy, i'm new into old school sound cards. That's because i'm young, I was born in 1992 and i'm started play computer games when i was 8 years old. I'm dropped ISA sound card era (DOS era), my first audio card was an Audigy and than a Live for my Ultimate Win98 …

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