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Re: USB ISA cards?

Can I use one of these as a secondary disk that I can access from windows 3.11 or 95 that is booting from a internal hard drive? Also, where is the best place to buy these? Are there more than one version? I’m not sure if anyone has tested the alpha BIOS or driver(s) under Windows yet. But they are …

Re: USB ISA cards?

So, does it make sense to use the new 286 driver on a 486DX4-100? Will it work and give faster speeds? Absolutely it does, and if you are using the Lo-tech card it will give you much better throughput due to 1) the port mapping enabling 16-bit IO (rep insw) and 2) the ZWS option. It will need …

Re: Project MPU (bringing MPU-401 BOBs back to life)

in Milliways
Hi, thanks for posting the links to my card above (I am Lo-tech site owner). This card was actually developed specifically for a well known musician, the objective being to run multiple MPU-401's on an XT (in his studio). It's a simple board so I thought it may as well be the best and most flexible …

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