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ImgBurn Won't Work on Windows 95

For some reason even though many people say online that it's supposed to work on Win95, for me it just won't start at all. I tried the latest version from 2013 and an older version (, and with both I get the loading screen for a few seconds and then an error message saying "Error Reading …

Re: DOS Shareware Collection CD

Nice collection other than there being no Morphello, the most aesthetic Othello game in the universe. It'd be cool if you could include this if you ever do an update to the collection, since it's quite obscure. https://archive.org/download/mrphlo20/mrphlo20.zip Btw, I could list other missing …

Re: What game are you playing now?

Just played through two FMV games tonight. First the PC/DOS version of Night Trap and lastly the DVD game version of Thayer's Quest. Had fun playing both. The later was also released under the name Kingdom the Far Reaches on PC/DOS, CD-i and 3DO, but I'm really not a fan of those versions because …

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