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Re: Bought this (Modern) hardware today

in Milliways
Yeah, despite disabling and uninstalling a bunch of Windows 10 bloat without resorting to custom scripts and patches on my main PC, I'm still using something like 4GB just on an idle desktop. And to think people often called it more light-weight than 7. Will not be touching 11. I've been using …

Re: Denuvo has published a book on the dangers of emulators

in Milliways
It would be most ironic, when Denuvo inevitably will become irrelevant and primary cause of problems with old games. Just like any "hard-to-crack" DRM were before. The most ironic part will be when Denuvo inevitably shuts down and publishers will be using cracks from pirates to make their games …

Re: Welcome back Katmai!

CENTRAL wrote on 2023-03-17, 09:29: I now have an Audigy 2 and the Soundblaster live 1024/ value to chose from. Reading the forum however I can see that the Audigy is not supported by windows 98 It is. You can use it with Windows 98 just fine.

Re: Welcome back Katmai!

It's not much of a problem on SLot-1 systems, even with a Katmai, though if you plan on going with a Geforce3 (which is one of the more 5V hungry AGP cards), it wouldn't hurt to get something that can do 120 Watts or more total for the 5-3.3V rail.

Re: Reasonably priced Win 98SE Graphics cards

in Marvin \ Video
Any of the cards you listed will run anything made for Windows 9x smoothly. Even an FX5200 (which is only very slightly worse than a 5500). Games like Thief use fog tables, so for it to look the best you would want to stick to FX or older nvidia cards. I don't believe any Radeon cards support it. …

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