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Re: VESA isn't only video problem under XP

in DOS
Compared to the technical advice in here, mine will sound like it's coming from a caveman. I remember in 1996 or so I had a pallette garbled game (don't remember which title). It turned out to be an incompatibility between my VLB video card and my PCI sound card. I had a motherboard that had ISA, …

Re: OT: DOS compatibility sound chips

in Milliways
Creative Labs does not appear to have drivers for that SB16 PCI for either MS-DOS or Windows 3.x available for download. However, it sounds like some of you here actually have older PCI Sound Blasters and that maybe the original software that came with them included DOS drivers. Is that the case? …

Re: OT: DOS compatibility sound chips

in Milliways
So is this the definitive answer? Creative Labs SoundBlaster 16 PCI? It doesn't look like it to me. The specifications mention drivers for all flavors of windows (except 3.1) but not for DOS. I don't know if that is the best DOS compatible PCI solution or not. I'm looking for this answer as well. …

Re: The VOGONS server

in Milliways
I am a long time user of old DOS games, but only recently discovered VDMSound and the VOGONS website. So what specifications are you looking toward for your new server? What OS? Have you received a lot of response to the donations link?😕

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