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Re: List the PC games that you have beaten

in Milliways
Apparently I haven't posted here since November, so here are the PC games I've completed since my last post (not including games I've beaten before): 26/11/16 - XIII 17/12/16 - Trolls 30/12/16 - Die Hard Trilogy 2: Viva Las Vegas 01/01/17 - Ghosts 'N Goblins 03/01/17 - Sam & Max Hit the Road 11/01/ …

Trying to find the right gaming mouse

in Milliways
So, partly because of Jade Falcon I've been getting back into Unreal Tournament. However, using the only fully functional (small) mouse I had to play with was so uncomfortable that I had to stop playing because of hand/arm pain. Many years ago I used to own a Razer Boomslang , which is my favourite …

Re: Anyone on here into retro console gaming as well

in Milliways
PC gaming is pretty much my main thing I suppose, especially now that I have systems covering most era's set up, but I've done and still do a lot of console gaming too. Don't have a recent picture of everything but I have this old one of my systems and this slightly less old one of some things …

Re: "Supermoon"

in Milliways
Pretty cloudy here (as usual) but I'll be watching. Jo22 wrote: Or let's get out our old astronomy programs we have on our vintage computers.. Amiga, Mac, Atari, PC, whatever!

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