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Re: Is a Voodoo 2 worth the cost

one of my voodoo3 2000 agp cards died just recently, out of nowhere, the retro PC was on in the other room and the win98 maze 3d screensaver had came up, and it had frozen with artefacts, after rebooting the PC, artefacts all over the screen... no idea what happened, I had a high rpm fan tied to it …

Re: Is a Voodoo 2 worth the cost

On nglide can't you set an arbitrary resolution and it will sample it for you? You can try a multiple of your screen resolution. not really, running nglide on a fx 5900 ultra under win98 so the performance available isnt unlimited, and using a 21" CRT at 1600x1200 at 100hz too, and tbh it's the …

Re: Is a Voodoo 2 worth the cost

Something I don't like, tho, is that nglide, the major glide wrapper, doesn't allow me to force 16x AF and 4x AA in graphics card control panel, it just ignores these, and it's noticable. On a voodoo5 I should be able to enable some FSAA and maybe some AF, idk, I don't have one, I want one, I'm …

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