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Re: Source for "clip in" motherboard standoffs used in old OEM (specifically Dell) cases?

I imagine a cage nut with a washer on it to screw in regular standoffs or a stack of washers and a longer screw... Yeah I was just thinking that. If you google "M3 cage nut", "M3 clip nut" or "6-32 cage nut", "6-32 clip nut" etc then you get some promising results. Some other alternatives here - …

Re: Pentium 5 that never came to be

in Milliways
There was an early 2000’s Intel roadmap that used 686/786/886/986 monikers to refer to future Intel chips projected up to 10ghz by its end . Was an amusing place in history made moot by the stagnate and malaise era with parallelism and 64bit bloat taking the place of real progress . Do you even …

Re: Windows 3.1 MIDI in VirtualBox

in Windows
I personally won't touch VirtualBox because it is slow and super buggy. It also has major issues with XP so I can't imagine it would be any good with even older OSes. As for Windows 3.x, the built in MIDI mapper lets you use FM for MIDI. Here is a replacement FM MIDI implementation that you can …

Re: How China's invasion on Taiwan affects PC market

in Milliways
As horrible as it sound .. the world could do with a few billion less humans to feed, now the hard choice is deciding which 2 billion go first. China sure does have a lot of Bluster and Hot air these days, they are all about saving face and making it seem like the CCP is in control ...just look at …

Re: Does modern printer works for retro computers?

in DOS
Set up something to print to a network share and then have a newer computer monitor that shar for any files and when a file appears it prints and then delete the file. Universal print server to print from any OS to any printer.

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