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Re: FYI: Steam drops Win7/8/8.1 in 2024

in Milliways
I'll say it again .. oh nooooo's, Steam and other platforms are dropping support for decade old OS's. I would do the same if I was running those platforms. Windows 7 has been EOL for years and Windows 10 is going EOL really soon. Just from a security standpoint it makes perfect sense not to mention …

Re: Apple M1 computer SSD

in Milliways
Linux has no good video editors ? Kdenlive is perhaps not my favourite cup of tea. But the last music video I made for a friend. Was made with Kdenlive, and Kdenlive is good. OpenShot is another great video editor for Linux. And if I am not mistaken, both editors are open source. Perhaps I have …

Re: New forum suggestions/Feedback

in Milliways
Just tried to add my YouTube channel link to my profile but it appears the formatting is out of date. I added my channel ID in but it directs to youtube.com/user/[what i inputted]. This 404s now, proper formatting nowadays would be youtube.com/channel/[what i inputted], or just youtube.com/[channel …

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