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Re: Most beautiful Dos-Games for a 486...what are your favorites?

in DOS
According to the readme file, Star Trek Deep Space Nine - Harbinger works on a 486 DX2/66MHz. Though I cannot confirm if it really runs on 486... http://gaming.trekcore.com/gallery/thumbnails.php?album=165 Star Trek The Next Generation - A Final Unity also looks good, btw: http://gaming.trekcore.com …

Re: SFC3 invisible Warp Bug

Good news. The latest WIP73 fixed the notorious bug. dgVoodoo 2.7.x and related WIP versions I tested using Direct3D 11 (feature level 11.0) because my graphic card (AMD HD8250) is not DX12 capable, but please try if you have different result as this is still a WIP version.

Re: What was the first computer you ever purchased?

My first PC was bought in 1999. The spec I remembered: AMD K6-II 400mhz Motherboard with SIS530 chipset (forgot the brand) Memory 64MB HDD 10GB Windows 98 As SIS530 cannot play much games, I later bought a nVIDIA TNT2 M64 PCI, and another 64MB memory in 2000. (This board didn't have AGP.)

Re: DS9 Dominion Wars wrapper fix

in Windows
The wrapper still works in WIn10. 1. install the game. 2. patch to v1.04 (there're different version, US, English, German, each with different patch) 3. (optional, but recommend) use a no-cd crack (replace ds9dw.exe). 4. use a hexeditor to edit ds9dw.exe and replace ddraw.dll to ddra2.dll 5. copy …

Re: Windows 3.1 / 9x games that require Quicktime

Some of them were usually considered not "games", but anyway... Win3.1 Star Trek The Next Generation Interactive Technical Manual (playable in dosbox + Win3.1 + Quicktime for Windows 2.1.2 16-bit) Win9x Star Trek Captain's Chair# (Needs Quicktime 2.1.2 32-bit) (All following needs Quicktime 4) Star …

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