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Re: Good 4:3 LCD Monitor

villeneuve wrote on 2021-06-13, 17:51: Btw I love the look of the bezel of the Dell U2311H and the U2410 has the same style. Just nice plain 90° angles 😀 Yep. I love design consistency. Other DELL monitors with this look are 2209WA, U2711 and U3011.

Re: Good 4:3 LCD Monitor

I have a U2410, and I think it may be marked as U2410f somewhere, bot most places just say U2410. It's not a different monitor, that's for sure. Many DELL monitors have this obscure 'f' at the end of the name.

Re: Windows 7 Retro?

I guess it all comes down to personal experience but I've hardly ever had to spend more than a few minutes getting XP Pro setup and usable on any of my systems. Windows 10 that's a whole other nightmare It depends a lot on the system in question. Every version of Windows always runs best on …

Re: Windows 7 Retro?

Lifes too short to get mucking around configuing computers all the time just to get the OS working correctly. Unless it's Windows XP, right? ;) Somehow many of those who criticize Win10 for being 'annoying' and wouldn't spend 5 minutes setting it up right, don't mind spending hours getting crappy …

Re: Windows 7 Retro?

The last time I used it, it bugged me monthly to set up a Micro$oft account, which I refuse to do. Amazingly nobody has managed to find a way to permanently get rid of that reminder without signing up for an M$ account, and there are other reasons why I hate Windows 10. So the maximum Windows …

Re: Modern Ports (Engenes) for Classic Games

in Windows
About Doom: GZDoom is very advanced and adds many features that make it feel essentially like a new engine. It is needed for some advanced mods, but its default settings are quite unfaithful to classic Doom. For a classic Doom experience with better graphics, and limit removals, I recommend PrBoom …

Re: Windows 7 updates

in Milliways
When I upgraded my Vista to Win7 last year, I used an August 2018 Win7 image from Heidoc.net: https://www.heidoc.net/joomla/technology-science/microsoft/67-microsoft-windows-and-office-iso-download-tool Still had to do the manual updates to fix WU, and then complete the rest of the updates up until …

Re: A Goblin Hoard : My PC Big Box Collection

in Milliways
So that's about it for my collection, hope you liked :) This is an awesome collection and was an entertaining survey. :thumbup: It's amazing to see all the cool extras that used to ship with the old Big Boxes. If you find time, a kind reminder about my earlier request: ;) Would it be possible for …

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