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Re: CD audio vs Roland & General Midi

CD audio / PCM is true recorded sound, unlike MIDI which is synthesized, so of course it can sound richer. However, for background music in games I sometimes prefer the more laid back FM/MIDI rather than overpowering digital audio which tends too be too much bass, rock and heavy metal. Examples that …

Re: IBM ThinkPad A30 - Best OS?

That sound chipset does not have DOS support, and for Windows-only games I would put WinME over 98SE anyways. What intrigues me is the status of AC97 sound support for DOS games played under Windows? Does it exist? Does it require VXD drivers? Do these drivers work better under 98SE than under …

Re: Some guys opinion about DOSBox

in Milliways
How is the great burden of some users having to press enter at DOSBox startup (with a toggle in the config to permanently bypass this hassle) a greater concern than lots of people not being able to figure out how to play their favorite games at all? I guess that if all you want is an easy option to …

Re: Some guys opinion about DOSBox

in Milliways
If you want what you're used to in the past, there's already a perfect solution; don't upgrade. That's not a good argument against making a better DOSBox. Sorry, but that is the "vague nonsense" that you came here to argue against, apparently. Many users think that the DOSBox experience is great, …

Re: Some guys opinion about DOSBox

in Milliways
ttps://www.doomworld.com/forum/topic/110992-dos-box-for-doom-is-trashchange-my-mind/ Amazingly the thread wasn't that bad. It was okay, until it deteriorated into yet another quarrel about the shittiness of the Build Engine. All this is just the nature of the DOS gaming beast. People who were there …

Re: ThinkPad R51

I see them a lot. Theres a new one on amazon https://www.amazon.com/IBM-62P4547-ThinkPad-Docking-13R0290/dp/B00B86XWY6 Theres another one on ebay Again. Compare the number of these versus the other docks available on eBay/anywhere at any given time. People complained that heat sink is inadequate. …

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