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Re: gus hardware module player list

@ElBrunze N-Play uses the routines from Digitrakker as stated in the readme. Digitrakker uses hardware mixing (from the manual): This list contains all output-frequencys for every number of active channels. This list can't be edited, when GUS is choosen as sound-device. But to test it I should try …

Re: Dos 6 conventional memory tricks

Note that I'm deliberately using the bloated Microsoft mouse driver v9 because of this issue with my BIOS, but MEMMAKER somehow manages to load it high. I came here for memory tricks but ended up with a new mouse driver. The Microsoft mouse driver v9 fixes a few things on my Cyrix MediaGX1 system. …

Re: Which Soudtracker / Mod-Player to use with MS-DOS

in DOS
I use a bunch of players as there are a lot of tracker formats and not all players do every format well. Also hardware support is a thing with DOS players. Currently I use (with a GUS GF1): - XTC Player for XM as it can load files > 1MB (and FT2 doesn't work correctly on my machine); - Inertia …

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