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Re: Ancient DOS Games Webshow

Nice review as always. Personally, I have fond memories of The Black Cauldron. I played through the game at the age of around 10 back in 1992 or so. As a non native speaker the missing text parser was a benefit for me back then. Playing with a model F keyboard also helped as the function keys are …

Re: Reversing the Disney Sound Source

The latest tested and released version is indeed on dosreloaded based on shock__'s original design as well as matze79's revision. I was working on a version with integrated R2R-ladder DAC as well, albeit it is neither tested nor has it seen a public release (If anyone is interested sent me a PM). …

Re: TNDLPT : Tandy Sound on parallel port

Thanks a lot for all those patches! Nice work, and thank you for doing ! Did you manage to get Alleycat running with Tandy/PCjr Sound ? No, i thought that one had already had a patch. The patch you are referring to are probably these by bjt and NRS. While I was able to patch the executable …

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