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Re: Dune CD version ?

Ok, I got my answer from another forum. On the youtube video posted earlier, it's a editing. The guy took some cut scenes from the original movie... That why I don't have this quality ! It's not from the game.

Re: Dune CD version ?

Thanks ElectroMan. I set supereagle setting on graphics settings tab and I have something similar on the above video except the into video... I think that should be a special version... anyone have a Dune CD version ? Id like to see if your version is different from the one we can find on the net.

Dune CD version ?

Hello, I saw that video on youtube few days ago : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cyo29yovqCA and it's titled as Dune CD (MS-Dos) but it look like very nice, mean, the video at the beginning. On my DOS CD Version, the video is horrible. Any through ? Thanks

Knight of The Sky

in DOS
Does anyone has this game ? Just to know ! 😀 I have it but it's strong on my 19" screen ...

Re: Out of this world

It's the french version ? Give me more details about your version ... ? It's work fine on my system ! If the game still not working, try on another system like Atari ST or Amiga and use the corresponding version of the game under emulation. For the ST Version, I suggest you Steam, it's a nice …

Re: Star Rangers

in DOS
I don't know ! Did you try all dos emulator ? (dosBOX and WdmSound?) did you try another system? like Atari ST or Amiga ?

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