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Re: Sound Blaster 16 Clones

So you made a new card with less noise? Or is there a trick to make the old one run more quiet? I did not, Keropi & Marmes did at one point. CMI 8330 is a very, very capable sound chip. I have 2 other ISA cards built using it, and while the noise floor is not comparable to MK8330 they are also just …

Re: PicoGUS: ISA sound card emulator with Raspberry Pi Pico (Gravis Ultrasound, AdLib, MPU-401, Tandy, CMS)

I also had some from Ali with a totally different pinout... Just curious, is the situation in some countries w/re availability of Pi Picos bad enough that AliExpress Picos would be cheaper? Over here in the Netherlands, I pay about four bucks per Pico from an authorized RPi dealer who has loads of …

Re: Why no Dual-OPL3 soundcards?

So many new Sound Blaster replicas, AdLib clones and XT motherboard designs, but apparently no interest to develop something new in this regards. It's as if the DOS community/scene is stuck in the past or something. 🤷‍♂️ I mean, we are, by definition, stuck in the past? The software and games we …

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