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Re: Tulip pc compact 2

I recently acquired a complete Tulip pc compact 2. Tulip Computers was a computer builder from The Netherlands that was popular from 1984 to halfway though the nineties. These are some great pictures! Are these also covered by the open content policy and available under Creative Commons Attribution …

Re: CCCyrix logo (clipart)

in Milliways
Anonymous Coward wrote on 2020-08-03, 14:06: Nice! Thanks! It's pretty close. Maybe it would look even better if there weren't dividing lines between the different sections. I will modify it later. *edit* Done. See attachment. It looks nice, but I think the dividing lines are there on the CPU …

Re: Voodoo 2, no image with Glide games

I don't think it will help in you case since you already tried different drivers and the symptoms don't match my own experience, but try stock drivers for the card (Diamond's drivers). FastVoodoo drivers are popular, but they overclock the card a bit (and that's not widely known). https://www. …

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