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Remap USB game controller in Windows 98?

in Windows
I'm trying to play Colin McRae Rally 1 with a PS3-like USB gamepad. The problem is, the game doesn't seem to allow customizing the controller axes, it just assumes axis 1 is left/right and axis 2 is accelerate/break. This is not to my liking. Is there any software or driver for Windows 98 that would …

Re: Stunts\4D sports driving no sound effects when audio is MT-32

in DOS
At least for the sound effects, Stunts does define custom sounds on the MT32 during start-up usinig SysEx messages, so any solutiion trying to map MT32 patch numbers to GM/GS patch number and then playing back those GM/GS patches will not work with Stunts. If I remember correctly, music plays fine …

Re: Dual boot with Win 95 Dos and Win 3.11

in Windows
RagingSquirrel wrote on 2024-02-22, 15:10: I read a few forums where they explain why. So what is the main reason? Looks like the second method is to use Win95A's boot sector while keeping all boot files from OSR 2. Something wrong with OSR2 boot sector? (I'm just wondering why it doesn't work)

Re: Windows vista 32bit vs XP 32bit

in Windows
So i wonder someone here running vista 32bit ? I was running 32-bit versions of Windows on my main PC up to and including Windows 10. I was using PAE hack for more than 3.5 GB RAM support.

Re: NE2000 patch referenced "missing" file?

It’s part of the DirectX SDK, which I’d expect to be included in every release of Visual Studio since at least 1998. I remember that some versions of Visual Studio and Windows SDK were missing ddraw.lib and dxguid.lib (despite other parts of DirectX SDK being included into Windows SDK since VS2008 …

Re: Custom resolution

That's exactly what 'Stretched, *' and 'Centered, keep aspect ratio' scaling modes do. You can even define the phyisical resolution, but it's called 'desktop resolution' in the config. And even the resampling filter, integer pixel multiplication, and so on. Okay, I'm gonna experiment with these …

Re: Custom resolution

For example, for nvidia, the scaling option is "Aspect ratio". Aspect ratio setting in video drivers is sometimes not reliable - it may be not available (and it's hard to tell what set of conditions causes it to appear) or it simply doesn't work (as is the case with DX12 games on AMD, which are …

Re: Create a USB 2.0 update for windows 95

in Windows
Jo22 wrote on 2023-12-10, 09:31: Btw, USB 2.0 is obsolete by now. We're at USB 4 by now, I believe. I wouldn't say "obsolete". A mouse or a keyboard doesn't need anything faster (or high power charging capabilities). And it's still much faster than USB 1.1, so for data transfer it's always better …

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