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Re: Riva TNT

On ebay there are only few PCI riva TNT's available and all are well over 120€ while you can get an AGP version for les then 10€. That's the PCI addition to the price i guess :( so Azarien if you have one of it look after it with care :) I did not expect the card could have any significant value... …

Re: No space in your room to store old PC?

in Windows
Miphee wrote on 2021-12-08, 07:22: Let's be honest, it's not nice when you have to navigate around "e-waste" in your living room or hallways. You don't need a "living room" that's half empty. What's the point, really? 😀 Kitchen, on the other hand...

Re: Riva TNT

Blitz_25 wrote on 2022-01-14, 15:51: As there are not many pci riva tnt's left How rare are they? I'm quite sure I have one somewhere, last time used about 10 years ago..

Re: Making a new soundfont for the AWE 64

I've tested the soundfont on some midi files (I have SB Audigy) and must say that I'm impressed. Many of them sound really nice. Some sound a bit unbalanced though, the percussion being just a bit too loud. The worst however are HIDNSEEK.MID (from GUS driver pack) - the main melody instrument (don't …

ScummVM - force resolution

So it seems that ScummVM is trying to do something very smart with its integer scaling (I'm playing Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade and Fate of Atlantis ), but I don't see any option to actually force the output resolution, it always just uses the current desktop resolution. Really? Or am I …

Re: what will you do when your last hardware fails?

in Milliways
So much misplaced emphasis is placed on emulation, which always will remain an imperfect facsimile. It will never, ever replace the feel of having real period-correct hardware. As pointed out already, the main fear is having to settle for "good enough" or "what works" because of price and expense …

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