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Re: A tale of two PSUs

The remaining 2 pictures: IMG_20200223_000950.jpg IMG_20200223_001006.jpg If there is something that needs to have another picture taken to be clear then let me know. Only other observation I did was that the big caps are Fuhjyyu caps and as far as I know they aren't a good quality cap manufacturer

Re: A tale of two PSUs

I opened up a fairly "light" psu today. I am interested if this psu is usable for light loads in P3/ early P4 use without having to fear that it might kill off parts of the pc it is in. There was a handwritten note on it with "Bestec ATX" on it, but I googled it and they look kinda alive but I could …

Re: Dual CPU system

Well here's another one - why ask then? Are you serious? Why ask people about retro computing on a retro computing forum? I'm certain that he wasn't looking for advice on how NOT to build a retro rig. It's like telling you that Gateway computers suck and it's pointless to buy them. I expected as …

Re: Welcome to the updated VOGONS

in Milliways
I have the oldskool theme, but on my phone I find it still horrible. You only see 4-5 topics in a screen, in the old version I had desktop version selected and could see a whole forum at once with who posted last etc.Now it is alot more work to get an overview on a mobile device. For the desktop …

Re: Super Socket 7 Build 1

I installed the extra usb patch and the large HDD patch for windows 98. My USB sticks are now recoginized as they should. Still need to update the Creative drivers and connect the hdd light, reset switch etc to the motherboard. Didn't have much time for the rest but if this is done I will take some …

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