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Re: Fasttracker 2.12 for MS-DOS

Thanks for the update. Do you happen to know what graphics mode FT2 exactly sets (dot clock etc)? I've noticed that display timing is being used by FT2 when using a GUS. Modern display options that force 60Hz are causing gaps in the patterns. First FT2 enters mode 13h (320x200 at 70Hz 256 colors - …

Re: Fasttracker 2.12 for MS-DOS

Released v2.12 just now with a quick crash-fix (f.ex. "ambrozia.xm" when it's about to loop from song end to song start). Several changes were done to v2.11 after its first release date, so bumping up the version number will make more people realize it's time to update. https://16-bits.org/etc/FT212 …

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