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Re: BeOS Build/Install

Been playing with Beos today. 4F07B951-1259-4A81-84A7-F69906E96D0A.jpeg Had a pc that i wanted to try, but the harddisk in it was broken. Had a hdd with beos installed lying around. Popped it in and it worked straight. Must say the pc uses a 440lx chipset, with pII-233mmx, 64mb ram, 3d rage ii, and …

Re: List of rarest PC soundcards

in Marvin \ Sound
This one is also rare: http://atariage.com/forums/uploads/monthly_01_2015/post-5654-0-07807900-1420486759.jpg On the board is written Amigo.. But its actually and gravis ultra sound compatible. It is a J.J.L. (D&B produts) Ultra Wave Card. That is a photo that i took from 1 of the 2 cards i had. …

Re: Original or Native language?

in Milliways
English, or original if i understand it, but i guess that will be the anser of most Dutch people, since tv shows are always in they're native languages, with subtitles. I hate watching original English spoke shows on German tv, because in Germany they all get dubbed. That said i learned German by …

Re: Underrated PCI 3D Accelerators

in Marvin \ Video
I had a Diamond Stealth II s220 as my 3d card before i bought a voodooII 12mb. And after that i still used it, combined with the voodoo. Later on i switched the s220 for a matrox g200 for better 2d performance. But i remember being very happy with my s220.

Re: Tulip pc compact 2

I would also say your best option would be a vga card. Makes live a lot easier. Don't know where you live, but an old colleague of mine repairs electronics. He is oldschool and has fixed an apple lc-II monitor for me. You only need to have pacience since he is very busy.

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