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Re: To remove shrinkwrap or not?

in Milliways
I've just bought a shrinkwrapped (presumably first hand) copy of Quarantine II Road Warrior and I'm trying to decide whether to remove the wrap. The box rear is bowing, presumably from the wrap shrinking and was just curious what anybody else would do in this situation. If I took the wrap off and …

Re: Pentium PRO?

yeah i mean aside from the cool galaxy background art of the splash screen and the gorgeous start up and shut down sounds, NT4 isnt a very useful OS today when compared to something like windows 95. unless someone is doing some networking or trying to run some sort of retro server. Many moons ago, …

Re: List of Currently Free Games

in Milliways
BEEN_Nath_58 wrote on 2024-03-12, 04:56: Why does everybody keep forgetting about IndieGala? Thanks for reminding me. Just picked up the Tomato Jones freebie over there. Hilarious game.

Re: Do somebody know this Mjpeg capture card?

Thank you my friend,do you mean that the drivers of Cardinal SNAPplus is suitable for my JMC-550? Thanks. No, they will not work. The SNAPplus uses a completely different chipset, but your post is a good example of why some of these lesser known cards need to be documented and preserved before they …

Re: Do somebody know this Mjpeg capture card?

This is why I fully documented and archived the Cardinal SNAPplus a few years back (which I used extensively back in 1992-93 on a 386 system). The early 1990s was flush with high end ISA video capture/graphics overlay cards that were trying to compete with NewTek geared Amiga systems and the like. …

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