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Re: SNES Classic Mini

in Milliways
I've got two of these. I've went through and beat Castlevania IV. My son has also developed a liking for Mario RPG. I've also got all the original consoles of the 16bit era but this device just makes it so easy. As far as I can tell at least for the titles that are included the Nintendo's emulator …

Re: Is a point of sale celeron 1ghz system going to performa a lot better than a retro one?

There was even a DDR3 Sandy Bridge 1ghz Celery: https://ark.intel.com/products/63572/Intel-Celeron-Processor-807UE-1M-Cache-1_00-GHz Either that or the Merom ULV 573 could match at least a 2ghz P4. I agree I was asking him to confirm what is was before I assumed that is what it was. If that's what …

Re: Let's start a retro OEM part number database.

in Milliways
If the purpose be to compile search terms to find certain parts we can also add Manufacturer names of GPUs....such as below. Just a couple I easily remember off the top of my head Voodoo1: Diamond Monster 3D Typhoon 3DMax Orchid Righteous 3D A-Trend Helios Canopus Pure3D Voodoo2: Diamond Monster 3D …

Re: So atari is making a comeback ?

in Milliways
Valve hasn't taken down the SteamOS page yet or quietly swept under the rug the system itself, so they must still care. Also Atari isn't even the same Atari we knew back in the VCS era... I've got two of the Alienware SteamOS (AKA Alienware Alpha) systems which I got on black friday for 50% off. …

Re: I were detained 12 June for participating in a flash mob

in Milliways
I completely agree with what you say regarding the police vs the protestors. I am sure there are good hearted folks on both sides but there are also bad apples which ruin the reputations of everyone. As far as Trump goes. Only time will tell. Obama and Hillary pander to the poor and minories by …

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