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Re: AWE64 Gold Woes w/Mouse

The Set Blaster variables were just changing with each boot. I did get it going though, so thanks. I reserved IRQs in the BIOS for certain things to leave the AWE64 ones open. It booted with the mouse and assigned the AWE the correct variables. Thanks!

Re: AWE64 Gold Woes w/Mouse

Thanks - it was not plugged in while the system was on. The original post read that way, but I wouldn't do that. EDIT - I should note as well that removing the mouse and firing the system up again fixes everything, so definitely seems like a resource issue with the mouse.

AWE64 Gold Woes w/Mouse

Hi Guys - I have a retro PC that I just set back up after a move. I happen to boot it up without the mouse attached as the cord wasn't long enough for the new placement. Everything was good...my AWE 64 was assigned the correct addresses, midi out to my external devices was fine, everything. Then, I …

Re: AWE 64 Gold - RCA Out Issue

Unfortunately, it's def not the cable or anything after the cable. It's 100% the female RCAs on the card itself. I resoldered the pins and they are good, probably overkill. I used Deoxit on the connectors themselves...same results. Maybe just replacing them makes sense at this point. It looks like …

AWE 64 Gold - RCA Out Issue

Hi Guys/Gals, I have some very tight-fitting RCAs that I've used with my AWE 64 Gold. As a result, I lose output from one or both channels frequently and the fix is basically to put tension on them in order for contact to be made. I constantly have to do this and there's not even a single direction …

Re: K6-iii with a twist.

Thanks for all the feedback! Ya, I know the proc won't completely maximize it, but just curious about any different cards that may be a better pairing. I really don't want to go up on the CPU as most of what I play are older DOS titles. I use the K6 III+ due to the ability to step it down with …

Re: K6-iii with a twist.

Very cool build. I built one very similar. Same mboard, CPU, RAM, Sound card (with lots of MIDI added on). This is a ridiculous question, but I just can't remember. Were the Voodoo 2s standalone cards? I have a V3 3000 AGP currently in mine. It's working fine, but I'd like to add some graphics umpf …

Re: DOS 6.22/ Win 98SE Dual Boot

The way I built my machine was to format 2GB partitions for DOS. My C: drive is for DOS and utilities, D: drive for 286/386 era games, E: drive for 486 and F: for Pentium. Then, I have a 3.5" CF dive, connected as IDE. I use a Microdrive and have a 98SE install. When I leave the Microdrive out, it …

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