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Super Trace VESA Benchmark

in Marvin \ Video
As part of the currently-running DOS Games Jam June 2023 Edition I decided to create a new DOS benchmarking tool for VESA cards (as a fallback it also support VGA). It really benchmarks the CPU more than the video card, though, but it might be interesting to see if there are any differences between …

Re: DirectX compatibility?

in Windows
A bit late to this thread, but the Falconfly page has quite a few DX versions for download, including a handy OS compatibility matrix (this also includes date-based releases of DX 9.0c): http://falconfly.vogonswiki.com/directx.html

Re: New DOS Glide / VGA / VESA game in 2021: Dzzee

in Marvin \ Video
Ostensibly speaking as a project manager for the old OpenGlide Glide wrapper, and having communicated with Glidos (OpenGlide), Dege (dgVoodoo2 and ye olde dgVoodoo), and Zeus (nGlide) frequently in the past, I am sure we'd all be interested in what can be done to bring things in line with actual …

Re: New DOS Glide / VGA / VESA game in 2021: Dzzee

in Marvin \ Video
Here's the final build. As the behavior of real hardware vs Glide Wrappers (PCem/DOSBox-X/nGlide) was different, I actually got myself a Voodoo Graphics board this week to test it myself, and it works at 60 FPS on my K6-II 500 MHz. Download below. Screenshots: Screenshot 2021-10-15 at 20.13.58.png …

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