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Re: VMouse.vxd error

i'd try SFC, guess this guide is applicable: https://kb.iu.edu/d/agyz once you got the file extracted you can also check the current file's checksum against the one from the CD (a known good one ideally), to verify that your current file is bad. rapidcrc can do this and runs under win98.

Re: Windows 98 DirectX Framerate Limiter

in Windows
dxfpscap does not work with prince of persia 3d, unfortunately. tested on a voodoo3 under 98se. i have checked the .exe in hxd and there is no ddraw.dll reference to be seen, so i assume the .exe is packed. the game could really use the 30 FPS cap as it speeds up a lot whenever 60 FPS is hit. has …

Re: Best gpu for maxing out a athlon 1400 ?

at a quick glance D2 seemed to look correct with a ti 4200, using the 1.13d patch, but the CPU overhead was absolutely ridiculous. in glide on a V3, a pii 400 is enough to almost always hit 25 FPS save for very intensive areas, but with the ti 4200 in D3D it was a stuttery mess even on a piii 1100. …

Re: EAX appreciation thread

while i don't know for certain, UT3 using EFX is what i just always assumed due to its post-vista release date and EAX not being mentioned anywhere in the options. furthermore, if my memory is not mistaken there is absolutely no difference between an audigy and an x-fi in the game, unlike something …

Re: BrutalDoom on Windows 95

in Windows
okay, i was really going off v20/v21, which do a whole lot more and are much heavier than this old v08 that is apparently from 2011. still pretty neat to see it run even this old version.

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