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are you using EWS promix? it's a bit easier to use since it combines the stock panels into one. i guess you have already tried lowering the MIDI/synth volume levels there? the dream synth does tend to be very loud by default from what i remember and this output just sounds clipped to me more than …

Re: Geforce 4 driver issues with 56.64 (98SE)

well that's the part where i don't understand the apparently common wish to run gf6 or even 7 on 98se, where you'd indeed be stuck with even newer drivers than this. but i can't speak from experience there. it's already bizarre to see such a basic aspect like refresh rates so broken that some games …

Geforce 4 driver issues with 56.64 (98SE)

testing a gf4 ti4200 agp8x on a 440bx setup under 98se, i selected 56.64 as driver because it has some features i consider useful over the commonly mentioned 45.23, such as doublescan toggle and refresh rate forcing, but the latter one turned out to be completely broken; every time toggle it on and …

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