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Re: GeForce4 4200 Ti & MX 440SE Glitches

Joseph_Joestar wrote on 2020-08-08, 10:08: The drivers you are using are way too new for those cards. Stick to version 45.23 or below. I will try that, thanks. And because of SS' expansive rendering settings, I was able to narrow down the culprit. Rendering of lens flares was causing the problems.

GeForce4 4200 Ti & MX 440SE Glitches

I have a Compaq Deskpro with AGP bus running Windows 2000 Service pack 4. I want to put my Geforce4 4200 Ti inside it. Unfortunately it is causing weird problems with I run Serious Sam First Encounter. I tried my GeForce4 MX 440SE and it is causing the same artefacts. But with my Geforce3 Ti 200 i …

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