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in Milliways
TBH i dont come to vogons to listen to retarded AAA fanbois who think "playing" a game means narcissistic pandering the latest DLC costumes to their friends while screaming rape threats against each other on Discord. Take original OP post as example. Crawl into a hole and die plz.

Re: CD audio and dual sound cards?

The only remaining problem being: will the PCI card actually play CD audio when it's not initialized under DOS? Under DOS a PCI sound card will not even been seen without initialization. Some ISA cards won't work without initialization. I don't think there is any special need for a driver to make …

Re: CD audio and dual sound cards?

RedBook audio, which is the kind of audio a CD plays in a Hifi CD drive, can be played in two ways (on a PC): - via a digital or analogue output on the CD drive itself, directly to a sound card, which can mix that sound in with other audio and output it via the normal output. - via digital audio …

Re: Serius Sam TFE lagging with 3fdx Voodoo 5500

BeginnerGuy wrote: Most of my game programming related books from the mid 90s to early 00s used to suggest aiming for 12-13 FPS as acceptable before things become a slide show. Which ironically is not a euphemism as many games back then were literally slide-shows (Myst and clones, Hypercard anyone …

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