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Re: 32-Bit is dead

Alternatively, a Raspberry PI is also excellent for this task. Raspberry Pi is proprietary, expensive and overly complicated ... PI Zero with GPIO header pre-soldered is 13 GBP? ... without header, even cheaper? Pi Zero WH supplies wireless too. IoT and all that... However, as a developer, you'd …

Re: english, the planetary language

As a brit in North America, I am frequently mistaken for Australian, I think it's just any accent that's not "BBC English"(oldskool) is thought to be Australian. So to help out Australia's international image I always reply "Pass the vegemite cobber and watch out for the drop bears, nah, yeah?" ;) …

Re: english, the planetary language

I'm a Brit (well born in US, but raised UK), while not "Queens English", my accent is pretty 'British' with hints of 'west-country' ('pirate' speak). I was in San Antonio once and a waitress said to me... "You English is very nice, you must be Australian"... I'm still confused about that question …

Re: vintage open world games

Carmageddon was an early game that I remember I enjoyed exploring... trying to reach places/platforms without totalling oneself, looking for big ramps etc. I played that before GTA. hmm, probably not what you mean when you say open world. o.0

Re: vintage open world games

Errius wrote on 2021-07-28, 18:48: I was going to mention Terminator. Interestingly it didn't get an Amiga release. Was that beyond the machine's capabilities? A 3D open world game from the early 90's on an Amiga... Nevaaaaar !!!!

Re: Would you be interested in an x86-based alternative to the Raspberry Pi, optimized for retro gaming?

That is correct; a product like this would primarily find use in applications that demand massively parallel floating-point operations ... For the OS, we'd ideally acquire a Win98 volume license on the secondary market, but barring that, we could sell systems that dual-boot FreeDOS and ReactOS with …

Re: Do any of you like art

Art is subjective, however I think these can be categorised... 1. I would say is 'Pictogram' style. e.g. k6HcPt0.jpg 2. I would categorise as 'Retro-futurism' themed, in an almost Pictogram style. e.g. il_1140xN.1874905548_hbtj.jpg 3. Is definately 'late' art-deco style. mid-to late 1930's. However …

Re: Why DOS died...

imi wrote on 2021-04-21, 15:55: that's basically what Windows was :p Exactly, hence DOS dying when it did, and multi-tasking wasn't going to save it or defer adoption/creation of NT.

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