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Re: Games you are determined to beat one day

By the way, is here anyone who is NOT determined to beat games at all and appreciate them rather as some sort of piece of art? Don't you want to see ALL the art though... like the bits of art you can only see at the end :) In many cases there are secret codes and cheats, so one serious admirer of …

Re: Games you are determined to beat one day

To many to list tbh, ones that stand out and I would probably attempt to finish before others... Been wanting to finish these for a long time.. no level skipping/cheating which I have done with them in the past... Lemmings (Amiga, all 120 levels) Populous 2 (Amiga, I heard there are 999 levels :)) …

Re: Vista build defender won't start

If you google Defender.exe, it comes up saying either a process for T-Online or it's a trojan. Since it uses OpenCL, my money would be on a trojan coin miner. Either way, nothing to do with Windows Vista. Vista era way to remove would probably be the same way using current Windows (under the hood …

Re: CAD Talk & Help with Mobile Workstation Selection

Another shout for Dell here! Been CAD/CAM developer for 16 years now (including 6 years in M&E commercial building services ;)), always had Dell's and 90% of our customers all used Dell. Some colleagues did have HP's, but not many. Enterprise contracts have much better support than non-enterprise …

Re: MiniGL Specification

in Windows
MiniGL's more of 3dfx's stopgap idea really. GLQuake was made on proper OpenGL hardware (Intergraphs) on NT at the time. Carmack had big Trinity (id Tech 3's early codename) plans set later that year with intent for requiring full GL spec compliance (Q3TEST flushing MiniGL for good 2 years later) …

Re: MiniGL Specification

in Windows
On the other hand, such a "minigl" standard came into being in the form of OpenGL ES 1.0 specification, but that was much later (2003) and targeted mainly for mobile devices.. Thanks for the info. Just checked. It's mind-boggling to think that everything took so long. It took long on a PC to reach …

Re: Indexing names of local files and folders

in Windows
For powershell you can use the relative path parameter Copy code to clipboard 1 Resolve-Path -Relative Not possible for doing this with a dir command afaik, so you would need to write a batch script which removes that portion of the filepath from your results to make it relative.

Re: The frustrations of the GPU market

It has happened twice before, 2018 and 2014 for lesser degree. Bitcoin has had earlier runs but miners weren't yet really a thing. Cryptos increase insane amounts in value every 4 or so years, bubble bursts and then drop from their highs during the next ~9 months. That's when the miners sell their …

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