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Re: SB16 issues

The analog section of the sound blaster 16 cards require +12V from the ISA bus. If the connector from the AT power supply to the mainboard makes bad contact on the +12V line, this might cause issues like you describe. Try re-seating the power supply connector. I think you mean - 12V because if it …

Re: Athlon 4

I think I found the perfect way to get a sub 1ghz Athlon, sure it's a palamino core but it's got an unlocked multiplier and my 900 goes down to 500mhz and tested it all the way to 1600mhz, best $9 bucks I ever spent, bonus is it's only 1.5v so it's not as power hungry as a desktop chip The Athlon 4 …

Re: Why DOS died...

in Milliways
badmojo wrote on 2021-04-17, 12:19: I've run the numbers - it was ~4AM Saturday morning in Estonia when this thread was created. Prime drunk posting time 😂 Does Estonia have rot gut vodka dispensed in plastic bags?

Re: Crystal Audio Chips.. any fans?

Yeah, but no one seems to have done it despite the claims that one is inferior (which is not my experience..) I only have a CS4289 paired with a CS4232 (the famous Zoltrix card), and I find the FM output harsh and objectionable. Not as bad as CQM, mind you. I never noticed any of the FM clicking …

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