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Re: Booting FreeDOS from a vinyl record (YouTube video)

in Milliways
A Jacquard Loom you mean? Yeah I can see that working, its just a fanfold punched card after all like you said. Totally forgot about the steel wire thing, not sure if that work. Worth a try if your bored enough and have the gear to do it. Loading off a punch card reader would be cool, but …

Re: MT32-PI and Roland UM-ONE

i am stuck in the exact same position on a RPI3A with UM-ONE cable ..i have send an email to Edu Arana asking for some clarifications. following the instructions from github i did some changes : usb = on gpio_baud_rate = 31250 gpio_thru = off output_device = i2s --> no output :( sample_rate = 96000 …

Re: Emulating MT-32 on an RPi2

Qjackctl or any of the visual patch bay utilities (patchage, for instance) should do the trick. IIRC there was some difference in terms of which API layers have been activated by Munt. Testing required! I usually use the 'Midi Through' devices to make the virtual connections a little more flexible. …

Re: Emulating MT-32 on an RPi2

Hi, is it possible to play notes from a USB Midi Keyboard controller like a "Akai MPK Mini" or an "MAudio Axiom Air Mini 32" straight to a Pi with MT32-Pi installed? It'll work using a DIN interface, but I'm not sure if USB will. The Circle documentation hints that this should work as long as the …

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