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Re: ESS Audiodrive 668F Issues

Also, does the SC-55mk2 need to be plugged in for the TSR to actually run (I am currently getting one shipped to me from Japan)? Nope, you can load the TSR without a MIDI device attached just like you can initialize the MPU401 interface on a SB16 dry. A jumper configured 688 card doesn't need …

Re: Emulating MT-32 on an RPi2

Thoughts on using this in conjunction with the Pisound board for MIDI IN/OUT? I haven't used the Pisound, but it does appear to require a kernel module for the MIDI interface. That module isn't included in the kernel upstream source and therefore likely not in the Debian kernel packages. You can …

Re: CD audio vs Roland & General Midi

That wasn't really a common practice back when gamers had sound modules. We were somewhere between the era where mastering engineers were terrified of peaking at 0dBfs and so kept their transient levels closer to -6dB just to be safe, and when Pro Tools ushered in the DAW as standard operating …

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