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Re: Xcom (for DOS)

Bondi wrote on 2022-04-19, 20:33: Cute stuff. Thanks for sharing! PS I thought it had something to do with X-com game, so maybe it's worth editing the thread name to be more relevant. So disappointing when this program didn't offer alien research, plasma weaponry, and the ability to train psionics. …

Re: SPDIF output level

Hey guys, This isn't a question about retro audio hardware, but I'm hoping you guys might know the answer. The other day I connected a digital amp to my onboard audio's optical out. Is it recommended to run Windows volume at 100% all the time and adjust volume output using the amp's volume control? …

Re: Retro OSes for retro computers

Jo22 wrote on 2024-02-10, 17:28: TWM is also an option. It's so old it's not being bloated yet. It's also professional looking (like CDE or Motif), not a cheap KDE clone. FVWM is visually much closer to the Motif window manager (as found either in IRIX or CDE builds), and TWM is actually more …

Re: A sound card that looks a little special

DerBaum wrote on 2024-01-19, 02:51: It is for a siemens nixdorf FD210 All in one system. Judging from the strange bracket on your card, it seems it came from a special application / integrated system. All that via stitching is impressive. Someone was serious about suppressing stray voltages.

Re: Radeon 8500LE vs 8500

Check if the board has faster RAM chips installed. Has 3.6ns Hynix TSOP chips. But Ive seen LE's with 3.3ns chips too... so I guess faster RAM is not an indicator of a real 8500. The faster RAM can potentially support the 275 mhz mem clock of non LE cards. Non LE cards won't come with 4ns RAM.

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