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Re: AWE64 Gold change

PARUS wrote: If you mean hanging notes bug it's MPU part and isn't relevant to 8-bit SB Pro mode issues. What do you really mean "less buggy" if not MPU part? Nothing to do with MPU or hanging notes, buggy DSP with single cycle DMA

Re: AWE64 Gold change

I find it strange that POP is such a popular game and the sound issues are quite well documented, but I’ve not read anything to backup Parus claims. I’d run the test myself but my stuff is in storage while I relocate, but since FM is disabled in my AWE 64 it would be a simple test.

Re: AWE64 Gold change

the AWE plays 8 bit sounds perfectly well, in fact in terms of playing both 8 bit and 16bit sounds in DOS I’d say it’s the best card out there. It’s limitation with fm can easily be rectified by disabling fm on the awe 64 and using another card for fm. You can feed the fm from the other card to the …

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