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Re: Installing SB Live on system with ISA SB 32pnp

BitWrangler wrote on 2021-06-10, 16:14: There's 2 main philosophies, summarised by.. […] Show full quote There's 2 main philosophies, summarised by.. 1 Add soundcards 2 ??? 3 Profit and 1 soundcard; some noise, 2 soundcards; more noise, 3 soundcards; all the noise. More noise for me I guess, just …

Re: Installing SB Live on system with ISA SB 32pnp

Never done this before so was wondering if it's pretty straightforward or not. Why don't you try it and find out..? Do I first disable the 32pnp card in windows 98 and then install the Live? That should not be necessary. How will this affect the 32pnp in DOS if at all? The cards should end up on …

Re: Ryzen snoozer build.

in Milliways
I was curious of how you like the sound blaster card. Been going back and forth on adding a sound card to my Ryzen build. Keep hearing how mobo sound is good enough, but is it really?

Re: Determining how much to spend on this hobby

in Milliways
Only been in the hobby for 5 years but pretty much have all I want. Just built a Ryzen system so don't need to blow a wad of cash on retro gear anyways. Funny thing is, with DOSBOX and mods I can play pretty much play any of my old games on that no problem. Now having said that NIB crt's are my …

Re: First computer-related job?

in Milliways
In 1990 got a job doing CAD (computer assisted drafting) work involving sheet metal layouts and rotary type machine assemblies. Remember the computers were Sun systems networked to a mainframe. Don't remember the CAD program, think it ran on Solaris OS.

Re: What game are you playing now?

in Milliways
For the Star Wars fans out there, Dark Forces II Jedi Knight mod for Win10. Pretty cool playing this in 2K! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kZPKQezxSak It's a bit of work but I'm having fun with it, you're mileage may vary.

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