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Re: Which Linux distro(s) should I choose?

for old linux try redhat or suse for soft landing (do not try softlanding however) or slackware for a hard landing for modern linux i can only recommend a few that i tried - mint, suse for binary distros and gentoo/funtoo for source and when at it - i recommend you try freebsd for a desktop driver, …

Re: Would you be interested in an x86-based alternative to the Raspberry Pi, optimized for retro gaming?

vortex is expensive as are most integrated toys - i would not spend such amounts on this kind of stuff i would personally just take a redone fx cpu;an ahci and hd audio driver for windows 98 would be required, i doubt other things would be in the way of some games having amd expand the fx line some …

Re: FastDoom. A new Doom port for DOS, optimized to be as fast as possible for 386/486 personal computers!

i'll just say - your mastery of the compiler is far beyond anything i could offer so any support would be limited; tried to decipher your last 2 VBE commits and i do not see anything that could be causing this but then my understanding is far from complete it does not say in bug report if this is a …

Re: A way to limit how much VRAM windows sees

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there was some techie on yt ( i have no experience/knowledge myself) who stated that stuttering was performance related on ati solution so the cpu is not fast enough to coordinate the work of 2 cards at the same time; im not sure if this is helpful, but maybe the cards can be downclocked to verify

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