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doom and doom 2

hello. is there a way to play doom and doom 2 on win98se with accelerated 3d via an engine like doomsday on jdoom? but i also want midi playback i have an awe64 with masterpiece sf2. my pc specks are 800mhz p3 and 512mb ram

recaping soundcards

hello im looking to recap my 2 soundcards those are awe64 ct4380 the only awe64 with ide header aureal vortex 2 sq2500 the question is what capacitors are nedded? would be general purpose? low esr? audio grade? and what diferences can have if general vs low vs audio grade cant say i have any issues …

Re: DOSBox ECE (for Windows & Linux)

after long time ive tryed to install win98se to the dosboxece version and i am impressed no errors at all compared back to daum builds. but something is missing to be perfect an ide emulation just like it was with daum builds. and optional an imagemake feature. so can these 2 features added to the …

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