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Re: The frustrations of the GPU market

in Milliways
Similar with my XP/Vista machine. I'm thinking on upgrading the 8800GT ot a GTX550 Ti, but the prices almost tripled and it doesn't worth me that much. This was my main card for most of the last decade. Towards the end I had two of them in SLI. They ran all my favorite games fine, however …

Re: Market value for popular or rare classic computer hardware

in Milliways
Here's an adapter I haven't seen in quite awhile, boxed Powerleap P3/SMP Server pair. They were one of the better dual slot1-to-Tualatin upgrade adapters. I owned this kit in 2001, however my system would hang up every few days. So this would be a PL-iP3/T with support for 133 MHz and SMP. Take …

Re: anyone gaming with NT 4.0?

G-Nome, 7th Legion, Rollercoaster Tycoon, Tiberian Sun, and Dark Forces II all run well with the hacked DX5 patch. Flight Simulator 98 warns of limited functionality but also runs fine. Anything OpenGL will run. As well as the Quakes and Half-Life you have things like RTCW and McGee's Alice which …

Re: My Dual Pentium 3 Slot 1

Oh lovely! I used to have a HP dual slot 1 machine which was thrown out at work like fifteen years ago. It originally came with two 450MHz PII's, but I decked it out with two PIII 1000MHz. It was an awesome machine, but as it was a server (mini fridge model with wheels) it was loud as heck and I …

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