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Re: What is PCI-X?

Some 32-bit PCI cards can run at 66 MHz or higher so you will still get a performance boost from plugging them into PCI-X slots. ETA: But be careful what cards you put on the PCI-X bus. A single 33 MHz card will drag the speeds of all other cards down to that level. ETA2: Related discussion

Re: Matrox G450 PCI any good use?

I have a Marvel which I use for video capture of old VHS tapes, but I've never used it for gaming. The thought never crossed my mind. But now that you mention it, I'm curious to see how it performs. I assume since it is AGP it will outperform the PCI Millennium. I don't have the G450 MMS, but do …

Re: Program that searches words inside multiple files

in Milliways
Yes grep. I still use Borland's Turbo Grep 5.5 from 2000. It can't handle UTF though. There's probably a newer version with that functionality, but I haven't needed it. > Isn't that a *nix program? Not part of windows? OP spoke of using Windows search but he also refers to a 3rd party program. As I …

Re: Gatekeeping in the retro hobby

in Milliways
To be perfectly honest, I still stand by what I wrote. But I stopped watching the video, cause she gave me a vibe of something I moved away from. For almost 7 years ago, which was extremism to a degree that I do NOT like. Sadly I first realised how extreme I had been, when my mother died. And I …

Re: Gatekeeping in the retro hobby

in Milliways
Photography is another area with an elitism problem. The new generations of smartphones have some pretty fancy optics that make them competitive with much more expensive professional cameras, but of course smartphone photographers don't get any respect.

Re: Memories of Win 8.1 as it goes EOL

in Milliways
I tried Everything a few years ago, and IIRC, it doesn't support file-contents search. I need the ability to type a string into the Start Menu (e.g. "Longhorn") and have the associated document ("Notes on Windows Vista.docx") immediately appear. I could do that in Windows 7/8.1, but not in 10. (I …

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