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Re: Rudolph Loew apparently passed away in September 2019

It's in their will to ask for donations, best way would be via PayPal IMO. Making his software more visible is in my opinion a way of respect in itself, with appropriate remarks and acknowledges (aka. not taking it as own work). History of the world has proven that we should care about things that …

Re: Rudolph Loew apparently passed away in September 2019

I've bought his Windows 9x AHCI driver, which works wonderfully. I've had many discussions with him on MSFN. I am still, to this day, thoroughly impressed by his work and knowledge. He was truly an icon, with abundance of his extremely high quality patches, drivers, and enhancements for Windows 9x …

Re: CPU-z / GPU-z on old systems

Latest version of AIDA64 still works under 98SE natively. (ZIP version only) It still ships with the 9x low-level driver. Which means all of the functionality is present, like built-in benchmarks, stress-test amongst other things. https://www.aida64.com/downloads As for 98FE/95? Never tested myself …

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