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Re: Any Unreal Tournament gamers here?

in Milliways
kaiser77_1982 wrote on 2022-03-25, 09:17: This thread reminds me of a big question: Did you play UT2003 or 2004? I played so much UT99, but I could never play the next game of the series. I can't finish this post without talking about Unreal 2, it is amazing. It is a pity that this game was …

Re: What am I missing with the 6800 GT?

They are primarily used for builds like "Ultimate Windows 98/XP gamings system" or similar jazz. Overall it's a commodity, but not as valuable as 7800/7900/7950 AGP cards. But latter are harder to find, so most settle with the next best thing, which is more commonly available. There were one of …

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