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Re: Windows 3.11 Ultimate Build

the windows 3.x version has way better graphics than the DOS version, you can look at this video of the win 3.1 version https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=28IhouNUnyw Isn’t it the same graphics as in the DOS version, just shown at a higher resolution, so you can see more of the map? The tiles are even …

Re: Descent 1/2 control scheme

in DOS
I used the 6-key block on a PC keyboard with the left hand as the cursor cross + 2 keys for up/down. For looking, I used an analog joystick. And for rolling, I extended the left hand’s thumb and used the 0 key on the numeric block for rolling right and the right cursor key for rolling left.

Re: Question about DOS 16 color modes.

Are you sure it doesn't use the set/reset mechanism instead of accessing all planes? The recommended way to set a single pixel (assuming write mode 0 / no data rotation / no other frills are enabled) is: Set the enable set/reset register to 0Fh Set the required color in the set/reset register Set …

Re: Question about DOS 16 color modes.

I know Q Basic (not sure about GW Basic) is capable of some kind of 16 color mode, where the color of each pixel is specified by single PSet statement. I'm not sure how it does that. When PSet is used in 16 color mode, Does it switch beteween all 4 color planes and set the color of the pixel? If so …

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