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Re: DOSBox ECE (for Windows & Linux)

DOS games did not throttle their CPU usage because it was mostly useless back then. The real question is: Is DOOM running smoothly or not? And without native code generation via the dynamic-x86 core, that is, full software emulation, I would expect a Pentium 4 to be a tad too slow indeed.

Re: QEMU connected to DOSBox IPXNET

On real hardware, at least on Windows XP, and I think also earlier on Windows 98, Atomic Bomberman was very picky regarding the network switch. The more modern a switch was, the less likely it was able to run the game properly. With incompatible switches, there was a lot of jerky and erroneous …

Re: High precision timing->

Usually what you do is: raise the frequency of the timer interrupt (by writing a lower counter value into the PIT); install an IRQ 0 handler that calls the original one at the original frequency (approx. 18.2 times per second) and does the actual custom time keeping that you need. I don’t want to …

Re: A universally compatible emulated hard drive

That question just makes me think my computer is even more stranger. Once I executed that command, I got nothing in return, however my hard drive has partitions of different filesystems and one is currently mounted as a fat32 (vfat) It can also be compiled in. Better check /proc/filesystems to …

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