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Re: EZ-Drive Dynamic Drive Overlay

FYI the first IBM PC isn't really considered ancient here, so your machine is probably not that old to us :-) Agreed! Now an IBM 1401 is truly ancient. Yes, I have done 1401 programming, on a S360 in the early 1970s. :-D The "box" in question is/was my 1st machine. It began as a Compaq model 1. PSU …

Re: EZ-Drive Dynamic Drive Overlay

Thanks for replying. IDE is not an answer. I have an IDE card, with an extended INT 13H BIOS, for the machine that failed. >:( Repairing or replacing (if even possible) that card is not cost effective. SCSI offers several advantages, of which the ability to place the HDD in an external enclosure is …

Re: EZ-Drive Dynamic Drive Overlay

The link to EZ-Drive is dead. :( This topic is of considerable interest to me, as I'm reactivating an ancient ISA bus PC. An Adaptec AHA154n SCSI controller is present. I've sourced a BIOS upgrade for the controller. However, that may not resolve the lack of INT 13H extensions support in the main …

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