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Re: PCI-E Bandwidth and you

So if the 4600ti has a max bandwidth of 10GB/s and AGP x8 can only do 2GB, would a PCI-E version of the 4600ti get significantly higher frame rates? Just to point out the obvious : GeForce 4600 Ti does NOT support AGP 8x - it's AGP 4x only card. What GPU gets from CPU, is only the raw data and …

Re: 6800XT AGP VS. 5900XT AGP

NV15, NV20, NV25, NV28, NV30, NV35 and NV38 have 4 pixel pipelines with 2 TMUs on each pipeline Not according to Nvidia, their offical anwser with nv3x is it depends. There are situations where it runs as a 4x2, an 8x1 and even a 16x1 . It was a good idea on their part but it failed in execution. …

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