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Re: What game are you playing now?

Started playing the Dead Space remake. Game looks good and runs well in general (1440p on Ryzen 3600 + 5700 XT), but there are a few stutters, most likely from the shaders being built (a common occurrence for me in newer games, but at least it disappears after a while). Not sure if I like the new " …

Re: Socket-8 Gaming Build

I've just committed to purchase this Gravis Ultrasound plug&play version 3 + disc's + CD + 2MB memory for the machine: (It will be slotted in below the AWE64 Gold!) Very nice!! Looks like that GUS is in great shape! If you have the time, could you try to image the driver floppies for archival …

Re: What modern activity did you get up to today?

Been trying to troubleshoot a Wi-Fi issue with my iPhone 13 that started happening after upgrading to iOS 16. Basically the phone loses connection to the Internet intermittently (even though it's still connected to the Wi-Fi), which causes things like sluggish webpage loading and every online access …

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