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Re: SoftMPU on FPGA-based 486 & USB midi

in SoftMPU
In the last few years people have been playing with SoftMPU in all kinds of weird and wonderful ways. Though this was interesting Game : GODS (Bitmap Brothers) - Roland MT-32 Sound - MiSTer FPGA - ao486 DOS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EpbSQcNVe9I I see your post and raise with: https://www. …

Re: FastDoom. A new Doom port for DOS, optimized to be as fast as possible for 386/486 personal computers!

Hello ViTi95, I know maybe it's too much to ask but... any chance to see FastDoom running on Next186 FPGA core (recently ported on MiST and SIDI board)? It's a 0186 / 286 implementation, but CPU clock is 50 MHz, SDRAM clock is 100 MHz, it has Disney Sound Source / COVOX implementation, and even MPU- …

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