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"Outside the range" - Matrox Millenium

I have a strange message when i am installing the drivers of a Matrox Millenium on a Win95 platform: "Außerhalb des Bereichs" - called in german that means: "Outside the range" What does it means? Cause after driver install and reboot, and after the Win95 boot logo, the screen remains black... and …

Re: Asus CUBX-E + Tualatin CPU

As a result you can say PIII-S cpu is faster... But with 22% - 24% speed increase in your 3d mark benches, it is very result 😀 I have also a tualeron, but the smallest one, the 1000A. I have a clock range of 667MHz to 1.4GHz. Higher than 140 fsb i would not go...

Re: Picky GF2 GTS ???

It's this beep code error: 1 times long , 2 times short. Wikipedia gives for the AWARD BIOS: VGA error The board which is the GF2 GTS not working : Abit KT7 with a Thunderbird installed. I was testing some VGA cards, install driver & benchmarking. Two of them are working, the GTS not. All of them …

Picky GF2 GTS ???

I have a Geforce 2 GTS which is not running on a socket A mainboard (VIA KT 133 chipset). It gives some beep and is not booting. But instead .... inside my SS7 board (VIA MVP3 chipset), it's booting. I have no idea why it is so picky .... 🙁

Re: 2003 Dream PC project

Also 3000+ has higher multiplier than 3200+, which should mean more overclocking potential, we'll see ;) I think a higher multi is relevant only if your multi is fixed, and you have: no mainboard overclocking options not closed L1 bridges and a cpu built after CW43 of year '03 Otherwise, if you …

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