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Re: DOS file size limit

in DOS
This is interesting, as the last DOS compile of 7zip archiver (v. 16.02), *does* work with and extract files of up to 4GiB -1 in native, unpatched, baremetal "DOS 7.1", and it appears to set the "extended size" flag. However, it also works with such files on FAT16 drives with 64kb cluster sizes. …

Re: Any notable unofficial DOS conversions of games?

I suppose there are a lot more games of this kind out there, any suggestions? (I'm not talking about the obvious stuff like those hundreds of Tetris clones) wheres the line tho? 99% the things on the list are just clones of whatever, identical as the "hundreds of Tetris clones" you dont want... As …

Re: BeOS

yes, beos had troubles with newer cpus (from my old memory). haiku probably does not. I think it was ok up to P3. after that needed a patch.

Re: BeOS

I still have my boxed copy of v4 I bought back in the day, I lost my v3 in the move and still have haiku on my k6 box. its fune for dabbling in, but gobe office is so clunky and there is nothing good in way of apps really.

Re: mTCP hangs..

Just to be very clear, mTCP doesn't care if your card is full duplex or half duplex. But it is totally dependent on the packet driver. my suspicion back in when I tested this was that the packet driver couldnt elegantly handle full duplex at 100mbit with IRQ's fast enough that my linux ftp server …

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