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Re: Dosbox-x and Linux...

in DOS
you can build it from source but good luck with that, the build process for DBX is a nightmare. I could not get it building on my linux box without it segfaulting all over the place even when I got it to build (they have their own forked sdl and all kinds of crap)

Re: Worst LucasArts/Sierra adventure game

Zak is one of my fav games. so... I think the weakest LucasArts title would be maybe Loom for me.. I know it gets high praise I just never liked it. I think Sierra's weakest is probably KQ1+KQ2 are the weakest as far as game design goes with no real linking plotline between all the events. ( but …

Re: Temple Operating System

back in the 90's I created the os-dev faq + wiki and had forums hosted on my mega-tokyo and all (later, a long time ago merged into osdev.org), and we dealt with this guy a lot and it wasnt fun.

Re: Retro Development

Hamby wrote on 2021-02-08, 01:42: I wish there was a channel on Vogons dedicated to discussions about developing new software (specifically games) for vintage systems/OSes. Maybe I missed it? vcfed has a vintage programming forum thats specifically for what you ask 😀

Re: VESA mode programming from real mode

this is whats killing you. they should all just be uint8_t *something; and just strdup them when you read them in, or better use a hash/arry for things that would get repeated (publisher, developer, series, genre). In what way is it killing me? because those fixed arrays are 416+ bytes each when …

Re: VESA mode programming from real mode

char name[MAX_STRING_SIZE]; // Just the directory name; e.g. FinalFight typedef struct launchdat { char realname[MAX_STRING_SIZE]; // A 'friendly' name to display the game as, instead of just the directory name char genre[MAX_STRING_SIZE]; // A string to represent the genre, in case we want to …

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