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Re: Does DOSBox support TSRs?

There is all kinds of wrong in here. I'd suggest setting DX correctly for func 31 to the end of your ISR rounded up , and put the ISR at the start of the app then all the init code after. jmp start my_isr: ... end_isr: start: ... ... mov dx,end_isr add dx,15 shr dx,4 mov ah,0x31 int 0x21

Re: last programming project

FAT is an inasanely easy system to work with. I wrote a pure asm program to 'quick format' a disk (before quick format was a thing lol), and all it did was mark non bad FAT entries as empty. takes all of a second. FAT is quite simple. it only gets a bit tricky when you have LFN's in the fat. I'd say …

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