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Re: Blood frequently crashing on one level.

Akuma wrote on 2021-10-23, 17:38: Lizzaroro wrote on 2021-10-14, 11:51: I'm playing on Blood Version V1.00 by the way, straight from the disc. So you are playing a v1.00 version, and it seems to have bugs. Did you try any of the updates? 🙄 Considered it. But there's probably a risk that my older …

Blood frequently crashing on one level.

For whatever reason, whenever I try to play through E2M7 of Blood, It always seems to crash to the DOS prompt with the message "ERROR #:src\db.cpp661". This has only happened once before on a previous level, but here it seems to happen way too often. I've searched everywhere for a solution but I …

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