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Re: List of CD-Rom Games for DOS 1990-94

For *nix users, you can easily use dd: $ dd if=/dev/cdrom bs=1 skip=33581 count=8 199307028+0 records in Just note that the 8+0 part is not part of the data. In this case, the date is 1993-07-02 Or for the full header: $ dd if=/dev/cdrom bs=1 skip=32768 count=882 Honestly, I don't think this thread …

Re: Measuring Performance in Ultima VII : The Black Gate

in Milliways
I can give it a go, but I suspect for my PC that disabling cache would make it TOO slow. I recently benchmarked my machine for clueless's cache disable thread , and found a 1/8 speed throttle (which was ~20 fps for Ultima 7) got me a Doom timedemo framerate of 12.90 fps. Disabling level 1 cache got …

Re: Measuring Performance in Ultima VII : The Black Gate

in Milliways
So I recently discovered the fdapm speed settings, and decided to test Ultima 7 with it. Then I searched and found this thread, so here are my results: My machine is a Pentium III-450. Stock setting is pretty similar to the original post in this thread ~205 FPS and way too fast. FDAPM SPEED1 results …

Re: SC-55 setup with AWE64 for noobs?

Sorry, I don't have any other suggestions. Your post covered anything else I might suggest. Unless you had any other Midi equipment (Keyboard, MT-32, whatever). If you do, I'd suggest trying that instead to isolate the computer half from the SC55 half.

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