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Re: Leak of Windows 11

This was good. Nobody ever complained about it. It existed for many years and everyone was used to it and knew exactly how to navigate it. So of course, it had to go. Filename microsoft-windows^1995^windows-95-control-panel.png File size 16.94 KiB Views 51 views

Re: Allure of retro computing

Because I don't want to use a semi-truck to drive to the grocery store, which is what doing most regular computing tasks short of modern web browsing with a modern computer is like. We have 1000x the computing power we did 20 years ago, yet we perform all of the same tasks and use up all that …

Re: Leak of Windows 11

Lol. When Windows 10 came out in 2015, they made a big deal about how it was going to be the "last" version of Windows, that they were just going to keep updating it ad infinitum, that there would definitely not be a Windows 11, etc. I called BS back then and said of course they will make a Windows …

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