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Re: Premade DOS Hard Drive Image

in DOS
You are asking for trouble. I have found that there is only one reliable way to get DOS onto an old computer with modern flash storage, and that is to partition and format the drive using the actual DOS FDISK and FORMAT tools, from a floppy disk, or perhaps a Windows 98 installation CD (you can use …

Re: AWE64 CQM issues

Weird that a driver would fix that problem. The FM functionality is just accessed directly through a port. Might have something to do with the timing. You're supposed to observe time delays before you write to OPL2 or OPL3 ports, and not all software does that, plus whether or not it causes problems …

Re: AWE64 CQM issues

I haven't noticed the clicking you mention on any of my AWE64 cards, Value or Gold, but they do have the typical harsh CQM sound to them, with some instruments in more complex OPL3 music not sounding correct as well.

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