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Re: Voodoo 5 Throttling

don't know your machine, should be more useful to just post your specs including which windows version, any update or enhancement installed and which driver are you using. the v5 is known to be a hot card, though disabling half of the gpu will make it perform worse, due to how it works (there's no …

Re: Thinkpad T22/T23 S3 Savage IX & SuperSavage

i have a gateway solo 5300 that has that savage ix gpu and, while metal looks like standard software mode, it performs way faster so, my conclusion is that it works on that chip, but compatibility is way worse than it should. that api was made specifically for savage 3d (excellent), savage4 (good), …

RapidCAD and Windows 95

Hi, i'm having some problems installing windows 95 on my 386 machine, the setup process locks after I choose the install folder (defaults to c:\windows). i've tried with safe mode install, and with some command line arguments to no avail. In windows 3.11 it works just fine and even i can browse the …

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