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Re: My DIY sound card replicas

But never had GUS PnP so I don't know do I need the wavetable rom or not. Next thing is that two cards I still have both have same problem, left channel is a lot quieter than the right one. If you have RAM in your card you will not need the rom. Hi, i just made a video on this GUS PnP, i did not …

Mixer for MCA SoundBlaster Clone/replica

I have this Sound Blaster MCA replica from David Larsson. https://www.tindie.com/products/kdehl/mca-micro-channel-sound-blaster-replica/ I am having trouble using a mixer software to set the volume for e.x. FM, Master, Line In, Mic, in etc. I have tried both drivers for Sound Blaster MVC. The one …

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