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Re: What's the dumbest retro mistake you've made?

A couple years ago I installed a capacitor kit in a Macintosh LC III logic board, afterwords tested it and sometimes it wouldn't successfully boot up, it'd just stay on a black screen. I proceeded to recap the PSU as I heard they can also cause the black screen issue if the capacitors in them go bad …

Re: Interview with "last XP fan"

Nobody would be foolish enough to connect a PC directly to their cable modem without using a router. Or a least even Windows XP's "built-in" firewall. I think outlandish claims of XP being "infested" within mere minutes are simply not true and extremely misleading. if a home-user takes a few simple …

Re: Interview with "last XP fan"

I feel offended that someone would definitively declare someone as "the last XP fan". What about me? Or presumably all the people around here? I may not at the moment have an XP laptop designated as a daily driver (using Windows 8.1 right now), but I guarantee you I could do 100% of my usual PC …

Re: Mac-only or Mac-best Games

Just keep in mind that you likely can't run all the games from the period you specified on your G4. Some games require specific Mac OS versions and won't run on later versions. Classic on Mac OS X can't run all software for classic Mac OS (it is basically equivalent to Mac OS 9.2.2 with some I/O …

Re: Mac-only or Mac-best Games

As for my own suggestions, there are of course Windows/DOS ports, but for Mac specifics I always enjoyed the shareware scene back in the day. Pangea soft's Cro-Mag Rally, Bugdom 1 and 2, Otto Matic, then there's the lesser known stuff like Snowball Run and Gridz, Candy Crisis and Jewel of Arabia. ( …

Re: Windows 98SE install hangs.

The motherboard RAM maximum has no bearing on what is the maximum for Windows 98SE. As others have said, try with 512MB and see if it'll install properly. If you still have issues, perhaps it's the CF card adapter? I haven't tried one myself yet, not with 98SE.

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